September 18, 2019
It is not always easy to find your niche, even in the medical field. There are so many departments and specialties that it can take years to land on the one that a medical professional would like to dedicate their life to. Gail Weingast MD thought that after her education, she would pursue pediatrics as her preferred speciality. She did an internship in pediatrics from 1976-1977 at the Colorado General Hospital in Denver, CO. While she enjoyed this field, she decided to use her residency to get some hands on experience in another field of medicine and so she did a residency in the Radiology department from 1980 to 1983 at the same hospital and then did a fellowship in the field of Ultrasound in 1983. It was then that Gail Weingast MD had decided she had found her niche and she did her postgraduate studies as a Radiologist.